Terms of Use

By using the website (www.Verejnazakazka.sk) and using the “Procurement monitor” service, you as a user accept the following terms of use.

1. The service provided

The essence of the “Procurement Monitor” service is that the user can follow the procurements that belong to his circle of interests and have appeared on the online interface of Tender Daily and source sites related to European and Slovakian public procurement projects. The “Procurement Monitor” service constantly monitors current public tenders and, depending on the search settings, notifies users interested in the given topic. The service also offers the ability to search for past announcements.

2. Provider data

Company name: Dolphio Technologies Bulgaria GMBH
Headquarters: Sofia, PK 1113, ул. “Nikolay Copernicus” No. 17, eth. 1, Office 1. Bulgaria
Name of representative: János Rovnyai
Email: kontakt@aop-baza.bg
Commercial registration number: 203069007

3. General conditions of use

3.1 After registration – in the administration interface provided by the Provider – the user can specify specific topics or European countries. He will later be informed about public procurement tenders on these topics or in these countries.
3.2 After the topics have been specified, the links to the desired public tenders will be sent to the email address(es) provided. In the email, the user doesn’t get the ads, just their links. On the online interface of the service, the user can have access to the links recognized by the system that refer to public tenders. On the online interface there is an option to search for previous advertisements and tenders from European countries. Even with the announcements found here, the user will only find links to public tenders.
3.3 The user receives reports from the system about public tenders that match the topics specified by him. The Provider automatically sends the user reports about new advertisements to the specified email address(es). A report will only be sent by the Provider if new announcements that match the specified search settings have been found.
3.4 The analysis of the online content is carried out using algorithms; the Provider assumes no responsibility for the efficiency of the analysis.
3.5 Due to Directive 2002/38/EC of the European Union, VAT will not be credited on invoices issued to companies that pay their tax within the EU (but outside Hungary) and indicate their EU tax number. In the case of private individuals who have a place of residence outside the European Union or in the case of companies that pay their taxes outside the EU, VAT is also not charged.
3.6 The Provider is entitled to use the data available to him relating to Users, integrating them into his system, in a manner unsuitable for the identification of persons, for statistical and analytical purposes.
3.7. The Provider reserves the right to refuse service to any user if the Provider suspects infringement or abuse.
3.8 The user accepts the above-mentioned rights of the Provider and acknowledges that he will not be able to take legal action against any subsequent measures. The Provider assumes no responsibility for any damage or other impairments caused in connection with this.
3.9 The Provider does everything to ensure that the service runs smoothly, but does not guarantee its continuous operation. The Provider also expressly reserves the right to interrupt the provision of services. The Provider assumes no responsibility for such service failures.
3.10 Only registered users may use the service. Organizations as users can specify three additional addressees (email addresses) in addition to the registered email address; these addressees can only be members or employees of the user. Private users may request notification only to their own email address(es). Furthermore, the User is not entitled to resell the Service, to transfer its use to a third party, including forwarding the notifications received as part of the Service to a third party.
3.11 In the event of violation of point 3.10 (i.e. if the Service is used by several people – organizations, or in the case of private users, by several private individuals, or if the User forwards the content transmitted within the framework of the Service to other organizations), the Provider entitled to interrupt the service immediately. In addition, the user is obliged to compensate the Provider for damages.

4. Create user account (registration)

4.1 In order to use Verejnazakazka.sk service, you must register on the service’s online interface. True data must be provided when registering.
4.2 Non-natural persons must provide the following data when registering:
• User’s email address
• Identification of the company
• Company billing address
• name of the contact person
• Email address of the contact person
• Telephone number of the contact person
• The main division of the company
4.3 When registering, the user is obliged to select a so-called “business profile” from the list compiled by the Provider of www.Verejnazakazka.sk. The “business profile” indicates the company’s area of interest related to public procurement.
4.4 By registering, the user agrees that the Provider stores and uses the personal and business data provided by him, the data associated with system use while using the service and the IP address of the computer used during registration.
4.5 The contract concluded upon registration is drawn up in the language used on the registration interface. The Agreement is not considered a written contract and is not registered by the Service Provider. The data provided during registration can be accessed at any time later and changed if necessary.

5. Free service periods

5.1 The Provider grants the User the right to use the Service for an indefinite period of time.
6. Contract duration and termination

6.1. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period.
6.2. Either party may terminate the contract by giving written notice to the other party.
6.3 The Provider is entitled to terminate the contract in writing with immediate effect on the day of delivery of the termination if the user has breached one of his obligations under these General Terms and Conditions. In such a case, the Provider is entitled to terminate the user’s access to the www.Verejnazakazka.sk service.

7. Responsibility for the published content

7.1 With the “Procurement Monitor” service, the Provider facilitates access to public tenders. He does not provide any content himself, does not participate in the creation of the content he conveys, and does not edit it. The Provider assumes no responsibility for the information published through the service, especially for its accuracy and validity.
7.2 The Provider provides, in connection with the service www.Verejnazakazka.sk, a search service in accordance with Article 2 paragraph 2 of Law CVIII of 2001 on certain issues relating to electronic commerce services and the information society (hereinafter: Law on the provision of information society services) at. Accordingly, the Provider is not obliged to verify the information provided through the Service, nor is it obliged to search for facts or circumstances indicating the conduct of illegal activities.

8. International use of the website

8.1 Given that the service provided by the Website is of an international nature, the User must also comply with the provisions of national legislation when using it. If any activity related to the use is not permitted by the law of the given country, the user is not entitled to use the service. If the site is used despite this prohibition, the responsibility rests solely on the user.

9. Change of user data, deletion of registration

9.1 If the user data provided during or after registration is changed, the user is obliged to edit their provided user data on the online interface of the service in accordance with the changes.
9.2 When registering, the user must provide a password. He has to keep it secret, he is responsible for keeping it secret. If the user learns that an unauthorized third person has been able to access the password, he is obliged to change his password immediately. Any damage resulting from failure to comply with the above obligations will be borne by the user.
9.3 The user can delete their registration from the Procurement Monitor service at any time. In such cases, the user’s personal data will be deleted immediately.
9.4 Data that the Provider needs for business operations or due to a legal obligation, in particular billing and transaction data, does not have to be deleted immediately. But this data may also only be used or stored by the Provider to the extent necessary or stipulated by law and only temporarily.
9.5 The Provider reserves the right to delete the user’s registration at any time.

10. data protection

10.1 The provisions on data management and protection of users‘ personal data apply only to natural persons, since personal data can only be understood in relation to natural persons (pursuant to Article 2 paragraph 1 of the Hungarian Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest), and therefore the conditions of this Chapter apply only to the processing of personal data of natural persons.
10.2 The use of the Provider’s services requiring personal data and the provision of the data is voluntary. The Provider processes the data based on the user’s voluntary consent during registration and on the basis of the law on electronic commerce.
10.3 The processing of personal data will in all cases be carried out in accordance with applicable Hungarian laws.
10.4 The Provider uses the user’s data to identify the user and to produce statistics. They will not be transmitted to any third parties. In addition, the Provider uses the data provided by the user and generated when using the service to present advertisements corresponding to the user’s settings in the email notifications associated with the service, in other emails and on the administration interface. The user can agree that their data will be used for further purposes. Data processing is automated and is carried out by computer.
10.5 The Provider takes appropriate security measures to protect the data he handles, within this framework he takes technical and organizational measures and/or develops procedural rules to enforce the data protection rules and in particular to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized changes, publications, deletions or . Injury or destruction is necessary.
10.6 The user can change or delete their own data on the online interface of the service. The user can exercise his other rights related to data processing by email (info@Verejnazakazka.sk).
10.7 The User may exercise legal remedies in accordance with applicable legislation if the Provider does not comply with the data processing, data protection, guidance or notification, correction or deletion requirements set out in the legislation. The user is obliged to call on the Provider to comply with the requirements before going to court, with a precise determination of the infringement that, in his opinion, has occurred.

11. Unilateral change to the Terms of Use

11.1. The Provider is entitled to unilaterally change these terms of use with prior information to the users. The amended provisions will become effective for the user upon first use after publication on the website.
11.2 Date of last change to the Terms of Use: April 1, 2024